Automatic Title Addition To WordPress Media Files Made Easy

by Ava Garcia in wordpress on 16 Oct 2015

Thanks to the development of user-friendly content management systems such as WordPress, managing textual content has become a lot easier and fun than ever before. In fact, even a technophobe can add content just by understanding the basics of adding text in the WordPress back-end. The ease that this CMS provides has made it one of the most preferred publishing platforms among writers.

But sadly, handling media files in WordPress can give you some serious headache. Of course, the WordPress Media Library allows to add as many images as you want to enhance the look and feel of your site; but the images aren’t added to supplement the content. Put it simply, not much attention is paid to make media elements useful just like their textual counterparts.

Images are an indispensable part of almost every website that helps easily capture viewers’ attention towards a piece of content. In fact, using titles and text for images make them search engine optimized. But, it’s pretty easy to forget about adding titles and alternate text for the image files in your WordPress site, especially when you have too many images to upload in the WordPress Media Library.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could automatically add the media titles in your WordPress install? Reading this post will help you accomplish such an objective in the most efficient manner possible. But, prior to that let us first have a brief overview of how media titles are handled by WordPress.

How WordPress Takes Care Of Media Titles ?

WordPress assigns a filename as the title of all the media files (that are uploaded using the media uploader) automatically. And, the CMS leaves the alternate text field blank, so as to be filled by the users. Moreover, the title of the WordPress media files is only used internally, rather than being used as the parameter of the title in the image tag.

How You Can Format the WordPress Media Files Automatically?

There is an excellent plugin called as Format Media Titles that can help auto-format the media files in your WordPress site. Here are three things that can be formatted in your media titles using this plugin:

1. This plugin can help you in getting rid of hypens, as well as, underscores from your the name of your website’s media files.

For instance, let’s say, you’ve a media file named as ‘vegetable-basket.jpeg’, in that case vegetable basket will be added to the title field of your image. That’s because, the Format Media Titles plugin will remove the hyphen between the name of your media file. However, you can even remove plus characters, period, etc. from the name of your media file.

2. The plugin can help in capitalizing the words in the image title field in any way you want, using the plenty of different options made available by the Format Media Titles plugin.

3. Lastly, you can choose to add the media title you have formatted to either the alt text, image caption field or description corresponding to the Misc. Options section.

Note: It is advised that you should add the formatted media title to the “alternate text field” under the Misc. options area. Not to mention, even if you forget to add your media title for your alternate text field, the plugin will automatically make the desired changes.

Format media titles plugin

You can install the plugin from the official WordPress plugins directory.


And then activate it from your website’s admin dashboard.


After completing the activation process, you just need to browse Settings from the dashboard menu and click on the “Format Media Titles” page for configuring the plugin.


So now whenever, you will add any new image to the Media Library, the Formatted Media Titles plugin will automatically format the name of that particular file used in the title. And most importantly, it will make the file name easy-to-read and SEO friendly.

Summing Up!

Are you having problem in formatting your media files in your WordPress install? Well, then you can take a sigh of relief as the Format Media Titles plugin can help make the task of making edits to your media files and formatting it a breeze. Hope that the post will help you in understanding as to how you can add titles of media files on your website automatically.

Written by Ava Garcia

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