Codelgniter -­ A Top­notch PHP Framework for Creating Beautiful Web Apps

by Amanda Cline in CodeIgnoter / Tutorials on 22 Apr 2015

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PHP frameworks have been progressing for years and they have become more and more obvious in the web development community. And with the passage of time, these frameworks have become bigger, faster, and groundbreaking. Though there are literally myriad of PHP frameworks available out there, but there are certain frameworks that contribute a little more to add wings to our project. Out of all these frameworks, the all new Codelgniter is the one that is emerging as a leader for building bespoke applications effortlessly.

If you aren’t aware of the ins and outs of Codelgniter, then let me explain you­ It’s a powerful toolkit that enables webmasters to create feature­rich web applications and websites using PHP. Codelgniter is lauded for its simplicity and elegance when it comes to performing common tasks. It also boasts a very intuitive interface and a logical structure to allow developers stay agile and productive.

The main objective behind Codelgniter is to encourage developers to create web based projects in the quickest possible manner, especially when you are writing code from scratch. Its exceptionally reliable set of libraries plays an instrumental role in giving developers power to construct bespoke designs without getting lost anywhere. A major advantage of Codelgniter is that it lets developers focus on their project, by eliminating a large portion of code, which lends more comprehensibility in its overall structure.

In this post, I would like to discuss about some significant advantages of Codelgniter and why you need to ensure exceptional performance.

Highlighting Benefits of Codelgniter

1. It is Fast

Codelgniter features a library which contains those set of commands that are frequently used by developers. These already stored commands are easy to access, in fact, the interface provided through which these codes can be accessed is also quite comprehensive. With the help of pre-defined codes, developers can save their lot of time and efforts, while focusing more on developing high­end applications.

2. Effortless Configuration

Configuration is a complex part in web development, especially when you are working with certain frameworks. However, it is not the case with Codelgniter. The buoyancy of this framework is higher than anything else, especially when talking about configuration. This improves developers ability to get their work done quickly and efficiently.

3. The Availability of User Guide

One of the most appreciated features of Codelgniter is that it comes with a very helpful user guide. The documentation is simply awesome, which makes it easy for any coder to make the most out of this framework in the manner most effective. Additionally, its Active Record implementation is extremely helpful and easy to remember. Furthermore, there is also a popular forum called Codelgniter Forums wherein you can post questions and clear your doubts associated with the implementation of Codelgniter.

4. Superb Functionality

The embedded set of code that comes as a package with this framework renders fantastic functionality to it. Each and every code is approved after going through an extensive coding process. So, one can be assured of the viability of final output when used in working.

5. Simplicity

One thing that makes Codelgniter a standout framework is the level of ease it provides to get the task done. This is helpful in controlling and uploading the libraries. Also, given to its open­source nature, it is very easy to understand the overall working of the framework.

6. Less Chances of Messing Up with The Code

If you are working on a team based project, then there is less chances of anyone messing up with the code while performing any specific task. The reason being­ you are following a predefined set of code, which guides you throughout the project. It is very handy to separate different codes in Codelgniter. One can easily split a module into a number of controllers, models, and views, which make it easy for different team mates work on a single project at the same time.

7. No More Code Duplication

In a typical PHP based project, it’s up to the developer to write desirable function on specific locations. They can add functions into any existing class or sometimes on some particular pages on which they are working. However, the project flow starts getting hindered when there is a code duplication. But, when using Codelgniter, there is absolutely no need to write function on to the page. Here, Models are responsible to handle functions, which can be accessed easily. Codelgniter helps developers learn ways to write code on appropriate locations so that there is less chances of code duplication.

8. Smooth Error Handling

Codelgniter is often praised for its easy and transparent error handling ability. During customization, it becomes quite hard to locate bugs and fix them. Keeping a track of bugs and troubleshooting them is necessary to make sure your project functions smoothly every time. In this regards, Codelgniter is a framework that has created a benchmark in handling errors using standard techniques. Using it developers can conveniently locate errors and also report them right off the bat.

Getting To Know About Some Informative Codelgniter Tutorials

In this section, I have listed some exceptionally reliable tutorials that you can use to develop some familiarity with the framework. They are useful for both beginners and seasoned developers who want to know about everything related to Codelgniter. So, let’s look at them:

1. Beginners Guide to Codelgniter

This is a beginner level tutorial for developers who want to learn about the basics of Codelgniter. It is written easily and follows a comprehensive approach to teach webmasters.

2. Getting Started with Codelgniter

This is an easy to follow tutorial that gives a perfect start to develop a simple application with the help of Codelgniter. It also lets you learn the process of using Codelgniter’s classes and functions to query a database.

3. Create a CMS Using Codelgniter

This tutorial talks about the complete process of creating a CMS or application with the help of Codelgniter.

4. How to Create Config Variables Loader in Codelgniter

This is a video tutorial that teaches you how to create a configurable loader that automatically loads all the essential variables of your website while making them globally accessible.

5. How to Sell Digital Goods with Codelgniter

This is a handy tutorial for anyone who wants to develop a small app that sells digital products efficiently and also accept payments from well­known online payment systems like PayPal.

To Conclude

As a PHP framework, Codelgniter is gaining momentum by providing developers enough freedom and power to produce sophisticated and innovative web applications. Its flexibility and easy configuration capability let them go into the depth of development to create something that’s state-of­the­art and practical.

Written by Amanda Cline

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