add watermark to a set of images in a few clicks.

by krike in photoshop / Tutorials on 11 Mar 2009

1) Design your watermarks. (I designed 2, one for light background and one for a dark background).
btw: do not save with a background, save it with a transparent background. I added a background so I could show you the watermakrs that I’m going to use.

design watermark

2) Save your watermark as a pattern
Again do not save the pattern with the background.

save pattern 1

save pattern 2

3) Create a map, your watermarked images will be saved in that map.

create map

4) Open a random image to apply the photoshop action. (it’s not important what image u take cause it’s the action, what you do with the image, who is important).

I opened the image using Bridge, if you installed Photoshop CS3 you should also have this.
I really recommend you to get used to that programm cause it’s really usefull.

open random image

5) Create a new action. if you don’t see the action palet go to windows-> actions (or pres ALT+F9)

create new action

6) Give your action a name and click record.

name action

From now on untill you press the stop button photoshop will record all the actions you take (image resize, blending options,….)

7) Duplicate your image layer (CTRL+J).

duplicate layer

8) Change the image size to 500*400 (go to image-> image size or press ALT+CTRL+I).

I want to create a preview of the original files, this is why I resize the image, if you do not want to resize your images you can skip this step.

change image size

9) right mouse click on your image layer and go to blending options, there apply your watermark
(I choose for the dark watermark cause my image is very bright).

apply watermark

10) Now click on the stop button in the actions palet.

stop action

11) Go back to bridge and select all the images you want to apply a watermark on (I will only choose the bright images, cause I used a dark watermark).
Then go to tools->photoshop->image processing

select images and go to tools photoshop image processing

12) In the bottom of the window you should see run actions, select it and then select the action you created (apply watermark)
For the rest just if you want to save it as jpeg and also choose a destination file. the destination file is the map we created in step 3. when finished click Run

run image processing

13) Photoshop will process all the images you selected. this might take some time depending the amount of files to process.
This is my result:

result watermark

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