Humor in code

by krike in General / Reviews on 10 Dec 2009

Every once in a while we love to let go of ourself, especially when looking at a screen for hours looking at code you have written like 10 times or more.

So from time to time we love to have a good laugh and just do some random funny things. Here is a list of humor in code written by developers

Humor code #1

public class MohammedAli {
  float like_a_butterfly;
  string like_a_bee;

Humor code #2

public class LunchOrder {
    double cheeseburger;
    char grilled;
    long drink;
    short cake;

Humor code #3


print ' {o,o}'
print ' |)__)'
print ' -"-"-'
print 'O RLY?'
print ' '
print '{o.o}'
print '|)_(|'
print '-"-"-'
print 'YA RLY'
print ' '
print ' {o,o}'
print ' (__(|'
print ' -"-"-'
print 'NO WAI!'

var myAss = this.GetType().Assembly;

Humor code #4

public class WebCrawler //: public SpiderMan, private PeterParker

Humor code #5

for(int c = 0; c < 10;)
   c++; // < get it?  c++ ?  it's so... literal

Humor code #6, My favorite

char coal;
short cut;
long way;
float assets;
string tanga;
double penetration;
object slide;

UserPermissionException up = new UserPermissionException();
throw up;  // lol

return off;// the Jedi;

Humor code #7

    //something in loop
        break dance;

Humor code #8

var up:Error = new Error();
throw up;

Humor code #9

$iShower = $_GET['clean'];
if ($iShower) {
     echo getdate();

Humor code #10

my $ofTheJedi = x;
return $ofTheJedi;

Humor code #11

   //Just to be sure =)

Humor code #12

sleep(5) # Aproximately time taken to reload the application
kill $me # , please

Humor code #13

$self = new User();
while($self->hungry()) {
    $bacon = $pig.Substr(...);
    $breakfast = getValue() + $bacon;

Humor code #14

<?php $_GET['rich'] or die('trying'); ?>

Written by krike

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  • Devin Walker

    Love the bacon one! Hilarious