Featured tutorial of the week 08/03/2011

by krike in General on 08 Mar 2011

Code Your Own Juicy Tabbed Slider (using the Nivo Slider)

Code Your Own Juicy Tabbed Slider (using the Nivo Slider)

This tutorial will teach you how to create a “Juicy Tabbed Slider”. No heavy CSS or Javascript knowledge required, you will be using the popular Nivo Slider to handle the animation.

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Written by krike

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  • Qaysar


    Do you have a tutorial that uses the same slider but with a more dynamic approach. So the person has a mini backend to contol the images and the slider options i.e. be able to upload images to database and arrange the order of the images to display, be able to edit the slider options of the Nivo slider like scroll time, image height and width etc.

    Rather than having to add each imaghe and desc manually.

    Kind Regards

    • @Qaysar: I don’t have such a tutorial on this blog unfortunatly, but have a look on our main site http://cmstutorials.org it collects all the best development tutorials form the World Wide Web.