Simple E-commerce application

by krike in Announcements / Other on 28 Apr 2010

Are you tired of those complicated e-commerce applications? Are you looking for a simple e-commerce script to sell your digital resources without to many headaches?

Then we are proud to announce we are developing this e-commerce application you are looking for. The product is half way to be finished and still a beta version but we are acutally looking for people that would be ready to spend some of their time testing this new and kick-ass application. Of course we will reward all the people who helped us out by giving them a free license for this new e-commerce application.

Main features of this e-commerce application

  • User item submission – Users will be able to submit their own items.
  • Affiliation system – Let other people promote your products with minimal costs.
  • Simple admin interface – Easily manage your users, items categories with a very simple to use interface.
  • Simple template system – Easily create and manage your custom themes.

Do you have a suggestion? something you would like to see in this e-commerce application? let us know by dropping a comment below or send an email to, you can also follow the status of the application

We have currently developed the entire user part of this e-commerce application and made a demo available

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