CMS tutorial’s new facelift (coming soon)

by krike in Announcements / Other on 03 Nov 2010

Yet again the CMS tutorial will get a new facelift but this time it will be both front-end ( design ) as backend ( functionality, code,… ).

Our website will be updated according to the latest standards. We also added several new features that we hope you will appreciate.

Here follows a list of new features:

  • Forum – A new forum where you can discuss all kind of topics with other members.
  • Gaming mechanism – For each action you perform you will be rewarded with points (eg: adding a tutorial, rate, comment, post a topic or reply,… and much more). These points can then be used to advertise, download free files and much more.
  • Freebees – A list of excellent free files, from php classes to psd templates, CMS plugins/code and lots of other freebees


  • Improved navigation for categories We improved the interface to easily navigate through the different categories to quickly find the tutorial members are looking for.
  • Improved search results – We also improved the search interface to quickly look for specific tutorials.
  • Improved interface – We improved the overal layout to focus only on the most important in order for the site to load faster.
  • Improved core system – The new version of the CMS tutorial site was build on a much stronger core using the CodeIgniter framework. This allowed us to increase the security and overal functionality of the site.
  • Improved membership system – We implemented a better membership system with a better password encription (user who already have an account will have to re-generate their password in order to login)
  • Overal better validation – Better validation thanks to the excellent codeigniter form validation.
  • Beter social integration – We integretad better social buttons to easily tweet or share tutorials on social networks.
  • And a lot of other back-end improvements – And last but not least we updated lots of back-end features to quickly validate and approve tutorials and much more…


While there are so many new cool features we are not sure yet when it will be released. So stay tuned for more information (follow us on twitter @cmstutorial and follow our facebook fan page

Written by krike

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