Adobe AIR applications for webdesigners

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Adobe Kuler on Adobe AIR

Shows a lit of color themes for different purposes.

Web Snapshot

Adobe Air Snaphot

Very nice application for taking snapshots of any webpage. It enables you to configure the snapshot sizes & lets you choose whether the snapshot be a thumbnail, browser size or the full page.


Adobe AIR Screenshot

Using WebKut, you can take snapshots of an entire webpage, parts of them or a selection. The tool’s interface helps a lot by showing the size of the area selected, letting the user to choose the image format & quality.

Icon Generator

Adobe AIR Icon Generator

A little application that lets you generate a CS3 or Web 2.0 style icon, in only 3 steps. Pick color, type characters, and save it. Icon is generated in 4 different sizes.

Shrink O’Matic

Batch Image Resizer

A batch image resizer that can handle JPG, GIF & PNG files. Images can be resized to a custom size or by a ratio. The output image format, quality & name can also be set.

Em based layouts – Vertical rhythm calculator

CSS EM Calculator

A tool for working out the width of an element in em’s. It calculates the em of any given px input & presents the output as a CSS property. Very handy for liquid designs.

Font Picker

Font Picker

Presents you all the fonts installed in your computer & makes font selection easier. Simply write any text & it will show the text with every font. You can remove the preview of any font via the “X” button or reset the selections.

Color Picker

Adobe AIR Color Picker

Using Color Picker, you can find the values of a color, generate new colors & see your recent color generations.


Adobe AIR To Do List Application

Every designer / developer needs a task manager application to get organized better. If you don’t want a complicated task manager then MiniTask is for you. Just write the tasks, group them with seperators & click the ones you completed. That’s all.


Adobe AIR Klok

This application helps managing projects, keeping track of the tasks & getting reports on them. With a drag’n drop interface, projects, sub-projects (tasks) can be defined and can be attached to a customer (see WRD post for more details).


Simple To Do List Application

Again, a very simple to-do-list application that reminds you your tasks. Besides entering, editing & clearing tasks, you can set an alarm for a task and the Doomi can warn you.

More Adobe AIR Applications

You can find more AIR applications at

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  • nice apps… im writing review of adobe air apps too..

  • yeah they really kick ass 😀 I found a few others will be posting them soon. it’s really usefull and doesn’t take long to startup 🙂 and the best part is that they save time